Sea-To-Sky Wedding Photographer 

Shooting weddings never crossed my mind coming up as a photographer, all I could think about was shooting snowboarding and really nothing else existed for me. It changed when Priscilla and I got married a couple years ago and I saw what it was really about. It’s pretty much the best time ever, everyone’s stoked, the energy is amazing and there are so many opportunities to make creative photographs. One of the best parts about shooting weddings for me has been that I get to collaborate with Priscilla. Over the years she’s really grown a passion for photography and she’s one of those people with a natural talent for it. It’s pretty awesome because we know each other so well that we know what the other is thinking in any given situation which is priceless when shooting a wedding together, not to mention we’re on the same page creatively so everything flows seamlessly.
Here’s a few photos of her’s that I’m inspired by.

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