Love Birds in Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach is one of my favorite spots to photograph. There’s so much character in the buildings and incredible views of the ocean and mountains. Jana and Johan are friends of ours and we know them as some of the most genuine and creative people. Priscilla and I both though of Britannia Beach as the best location to suit who they are and express their love. It was a super fun day, we basically just hung out and told them to be with each other as if no one was there and the result came out really natural.

Thanks Jana and Johan for being so awesome!

Cool Kids

Jed and Reia were a lot of fun! I didn’t want to put them on the spot so we basically made them feel like they were just hanging out in their living room. They eventually warmed up and started dancing to the music and bust out some little moves then brought out toys and different outfits, it was pretty cute! I love taking photos of kids that age because they aren’t self-conscious yet and their expressions on the photos turn out really raw.

Thanks Catherine and Neil for the fun night!

Paradise Valley

Here’s a few out takes from a shoot we did about a month or 2 ago. I love love love how it came out. Josianne and Yoann are so natural in front of the camera and their love for each other is really obvious in these photos. My wife Priscilla and I collaborated on this shoot together. I love having her on shoots with me, she’s an awesome second angle and catches all the details as a stylist. Thanks Mike for lending us your car! It’s dead sexy.

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